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3/16/20241 min read

Launching attacks on a target is riskier than conducting a general raid on an empty player’s base. Attacking, remember, means you intend to kill enemy troops, as well as take resources. Be advised: depending on the enemy’s troop level and amount present, you may loose troops of your own to death, prison, or injury. If you do not feel comfortable with the prospect of losing troops, wait to launch attacks!

It is recommended for you to take some precautions or make preparations before going off to attack. 1.)Watch your target’s area and be aware of the activity level (yellow, blue, and especially red lines moving into, away from, or nearby the target. 2.)Look at resource tiles in the area that have the enemy-occupied symbol on them. Tap the occupied tile to check the name of the enemy, and take note of the amount of resources left to gather. Wait a few moments and check it again to get a general idea of how quickly the resources are being gathered. This will provide you an estimated time before the player may finish gathering and be active again in the area. 3.) Check your stamina to make sure your troops have enough “oomph” to be most successful. 4.)Use/put in place any special assists, items, or tools you may have or wish to use. 5.)Understand any time remaining on your peace shield will be lost once you initiate attack.

Now you’re ready make your move. Use an Advance Teleport to get as close to the target as possible before attacking! It is a good idea to Scout the enemy base before you attack, but understand this, like initiating attack itself, will immediately end your shield. Choose your commander and troops quickly, and perform your attack, and then use a Random Teleport to exit the area as soon as your troops return from the attack! Safer in an area away from the target, wait for attack frenzy to expire and engage a new peace shield. Now it’s safe to use Advanced Teleport to return to the hive.