Skill points for your commanders

There are two options for assigning Skill Points to your Commanders. As you obtain Rank Points to level up commanders, the number of skill points to be assigned will appear in a red circle next to the blue Skills button.

You may choose to Auto Equip (shown above, directly under the commander equipment area), or assign the points yourself.

For example, the boots on this commander, who is specialized in Gathering, provide him 33% gather and 33% march speed. Whereas the coat below would not benefit a Gathering commander at all. What you choose to outfit your commanders in matters.

If assigning skill points yourself, pay special attention to the traits/characteristics of your commander. Your Mayor should have skills assigned that directly affect the operations of your town, such as resources, construction and research, whereas commanders specializing in combat such as infantry or cavalry should have points focused on military skills such as troop training, attacking and defense.

The ultimate goal should be to assign points as far to the bottom as possible. Each skill set does NOT have to be completed in order to move further down the skill list, but there are minimum points required to be assigned, typically 5, in order to continue downward. Don’t worry, as you continue to level up your commander and receive additional points to assign, you will go back to the bottom skill set and begin filling in points as you work your way back up. This may seem odd, but keep in mind a skill of level 3 has more benefit than of a level 1, so working your way back up completes the most beneficial skill levels first 😉.

Re-assigning skill points

You will need a skill point reset (circled above) in order to reset any current skill points you’ve already assigned or auto-assigned. These can be purchased with Alliance Points in the Alliance Store, or in the Store area of Items.

The below images shows an example of Skill Points assigned to a Commander specializing in combat such an infantry or cavalry. Note the skills on the right side remain “locked”, and only the combat related have points assigned along the left side. Combat commander skills should only be combat related; focus skill points on battle, not on resources.

Commander talents

As you gain commander talents, applying them increases certain traits or talents of that commander.