Raid Basics

Suggestions/Tips on Raiding

3/17/20241 min read

Nearby Raids of “local” husks, aka known player forts with no troops, may be carried out by simply tapping the target fort and choosing “Attack”. It is recommended that you select the commander and number of troops to send on the mission rather than sending your full troop force. Keeping some troops in your base provides a layer of protection against an enemy attack on you while your shield is down. (See image below.) For raids on targets further away from your immediate vicinity it is strongly recommended that you use an Advanced Teleport to choose the location close to your target and physically move your base there before initiating the attack. Keep in mind, you would need an additional Advanced Teleport in your Special Items supply to return to the alliance hive rather than remaining at the target’s location. Most importantly, once you are finished with one or more marches to your target for resources, be sure to put a new shield in place once the attack frenzy timer ends so you are protected.